Priestess of the Morrigan

Prayers, Rituals & Devotional work to The Great Queen

Stephanie Woodfield

257 Pages, ISBN 978 0 7387 6665 2     
Llewellyn Publications, 2021     

"Those seeking to deepen their practice with the Morrigan will find insight and inspiration to take those next stepts."
- Morgan Daimler, author of Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queen and Raven Goddess.

Journey with the Great Queen to Deepen Your Devotion

Build a more personalized devotional practice and strengthen your relationship with the Morrigan using this profound book on enhancing your spiritual path. Through stories, prayers, and rituals for both groups and solitaries, Priestess of the Morrigan shows you how to better understand and serve the Great Queen - regardless of your gender.

Explore the true nature of the Morrigan, discover what it means to channel her voice, and learn about her role in prophecies and curse work. Create your own unique tradition with this book's ritual-building advice and guidelines for developing a yearly cycle of celebrations. Stephanie Woodfield, a devotee to the Great Queen for over twenty years, uses her personal triumphs and challenges as beacons for your journey. This extraordinary book provides everything you need to deepen your spirituality and find victory and fulfillment along your path.

"This book does a superb job of descibing the Morrigan, the process of transformation that comes from her touch, and a wealth of modern rituals that are effective and authentic."
- Ivo Dominguez jr., author of Keys to Perception

Stephanie Woodfield has been a practicing Witch and priestess for more than twenty years. She is the founder of Morrigu's Daughter, a women's networking group for Morrigan devotees, and she organizes and owns the Morrigan's Call Retreat, an event that focuses on the Morrigan. Stephanie lives in Orlando, Florida. Visit her online at

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